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MotherYurt Ibiza: the place that is dedicated to the most defining journey of our life –  from womb to the world.

Five years ago, after being pregnant and giving birth to my daughter Luna, I found my life calling: creating awareness about the most defining phases of our life: conception, pregnancy and birth. Because the way we are born lays the foundation for further life for both mother and child.

In my daily work as ‘Holistic Doula’ I notice that the interest for a conscious approach to conception, pregnancy, birth and motherhood is growing enormously. That is why nów is the time to create a physical place to bring together women, men, children of the earth and birth workers from all over the world. And what could be a better place than the beautiful island of Ibiza? To bring this place to life and make this wish come true we need at least €15.000.

Will you help us to create a better world?

What are we going to do?

A lot of beautiful things! Tangible things, like a custom made 8 by 8 meters terracotta yurt, which will be built by yurt-expert Pieter. This Yurt will be at the heart of the 6000 m2 garden in which we plan to grow a big vegetable and herb garden, an outside kitchen, a space to rest and a space to play with natural materials for children. Right now the garden is a wild piece of land, so the money collected for the Yurt will also be spent on things like weeding, plowing the ground, installing water pipes, preparing the ground, etc.


The Yurt is tailor-made by Pieter (the Yurt expert of the island). The bamboo walls of the Yurt are 1.85 meters high, which is a lot higher than most yurts. We want the place to be nice and simple for pregnant women but stylish and with all the comforts of home. Pieter will also make a very large glass dome so that a lot of light enters the Yurt. In the night you can watch the bright starry sky from your bed. Sounds heavenly, doesn’t it? We chose the color terracotta because it comes closest to the color of a womb and stands for ‘earth’. Pieter will paint all the canvases by hand and the wooden floor will also be tailor made in our garden, so that everything stays firmly in place.

All our activities will be related to the topic of ‘the journey from the womb to the world’. Here are some examples of the activities we plan to organise ourselves, as well as activities in collaboration with others.

  • 1 on 1 Retreat with Wendy for expecting mothers
  • One day retreat during a vacation on Ibiza island  
  • Inspiration place / retreat for birth workers
  • Trainings / coaching for doulas with Wendy
  • Motherblessings
  • Rebozo closing ceremony
  • Women / men circles
  • Workshop location
  • Courses
  • Yoga, meditation, dance

The impact of a gentle beginning

For the last 5 years I have been guiding couples during pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period as a certified doula. I also talked to many mothers and fathers about these life transforming phases. I witnessed many ways women give birth: from hands-off home births up to (extremely) medicalised assisted delivery in academic hospitals.

By observing, listening, feeling and researching I came to the conclusion that the impact of a good/gentle beginning of life for both mother and child shapes the rest of their lives. It’s so much easier to raise a healthy baby than to “repair” a broken adult.

Conception, life in utero and birth all come from a place of strength, full of loving energy. This is what it takes to make a Human Being with a big capacity to love, trust and care for him/herself, others and the Earth.

We strongly believe that
”Peace on Earth, starts at Birth”

When a pregnant woman is perceived for who she is, when she is listened to, cared for, loved and informed; then she feels empowered to take charge of these transforming and defining phases for her and her child. Therefore it’s necessary to start giving women strength and trust. That is what the MotherYurt is for.

Who Am I?

I am someone who can not possibly do ‘nothing’ while there is so much to do in the world today. This feeling is really activated after the birth of Luna 5 years ago. Wanting to contribute to a more beautiful world for my children to grow up.

At the peak of the refugee crisis, I reached out to other parents on Facebook to help me out by donating things for mothers and children in high need. I was flabbergasted to see that many parents united in front of our door one by one and our yellow bus, which we bought from our last pennies, was packed rapidly. This was the birth of the foundation ‘Family on a Mission’.

Luna was not even a year old when she joined us to bring everything we collected to refugees at the refugee camp in Calais, France. They called it “the jungle”. Even the Dutch government, urged against personal initiatives. But somebody had to do something for all those men, women, children, babies and most definitely for pregnant women?! One individual act of kindness can make a real difference; it is a matter of daring to take the first step.

I find it important to make a positive difference for others. This is how my doula work conveys this key value during pregnancy, giving birth and the time after. And it is conveyed further in the platform we are creating and the platform/webshop ‘Holistic Doula’ we are putting together for (expecting) mothers.

Together with the love of my life, Sebastiaan, we parent Luna (4) and Gaia (1). They are our gurus and to go on the path of Life with them means to experience the most beautiful moments, as well as to learn the toughest lessons. Our daughters are the source of our inspiration. To contribute our part in a better future world where they will grow up in, and may welcome children of their own is one of the reasons why the Mother Yurt has come to fruition.

All in all, I love adventures, long days at the seashore, warmth of the sun and sauna, pure food and getting together with women.

Reviews and experiences

“Meet her, talk to her, look into her eyes – She’s doing what she is supposed to be doing in the world, and she’s doing it extremely well.” – Lena, Yuval & baby Milan

“Meeting Wendy felt like I found that missing puzzle piece. It appealed to me how such a modern woman, a young mother can be so calm in the realities of hectic modern world. The trust and the peace I felt being around Wendy gave me reassurance in my own power. ” – Merim 

”To place yourself in the extraordinary loving care of Wendy during your pregnancy, will be one of the greatest gifts you could ever give to yourself, your family and your baby. Her wisdom, her gentleness, her insight – I trust her completely. The work she did with my partner and I transformed the relationship our daughter was born into, helping us to create a more honest, intimate and connected foundation from which to grow our family.” – Minty & Mattias 

“Trust and the strength in your body as a pregnant women gives you the space to follow your body in what you need or what you do not need. This inner process may be supported by a birth team, you do not have to do it alone. Wendy is a woman who creates the safe space where express yourself, ask questions and follow your own body. “- Maria (vive midwife)

“Wendy is an example for me in many ways. She follows her heart and is passionated about gentle birth. You shine girl! “- Esmarel from Dalalou

Birth workers, for you and by you

Soon after the birth of Gaia I received a message that Master Maori healer Ezard Tamaki was coming to the Netherlands. It felt like I needed to go there, so I made an appointment, and, of course, my whole family followed. Also Gaia and Luna were taken with us, as a mother you are so deeply connected with your children… My “shit” is tough on them, too. So I have to start working on it!

After I spent some time there, I noticed that almost everybody who also came to see the healer were birth workers: wow! Around me I saw many doula’s, midwives, nurses and different other professionals. I started realizing that selfcare is an acute topic for many. To be able to take the best version of yourself once you work with pregnant, birthing or a new mother it is crucial to work on ourselves. The highest priority goes to selfcare.

We pursuit The MotherYurt to be a sacred space for our colleagues to simply be, to rest and to recharge. So she can go back home with rested body, quiet mind, full of inspiration, trust, inner power and love to carry on with our beautiful work. It would actually be possible to experience 1-1 retreat with Wendy.

Balafia location on Ibiza island

Since the beginning of 2018 we have been living in a one-of-a-kind area called St. Lorrenc de Balafia, the former settlement and the only remaining Moors village on Ibiza island. The MotherYurt will be placed in our rich garden filled with almond and fruit trees. With its 10 terraces, the size of a football field, this spot is an oasis, peaceful and private.

Crowdfunding aims

To make the MotherYurt happen and to be able to stay well on course we need an amount of €15.000,- up to €25.000,-. The greatest share of this amount will be spent on the building of the yurt, interior design pieces (furniture), sanitation, kitchen and garden. To transport things to the island is very pricey, also to buy things here is at least twice as expensive as in The Netherlands, for instance. We really hope for collaboration opportunities for those interested in sponsoring us.

1. Building the MotherYurt (70%)

The biggest part of the collected sum will be spent on building of the yurt. The flooring will be custom made, so that the yurt will be stable and a perfect place for activities.

2. Interior of in the MotherYurt (10%)

It would be great to work together with companies and suppliers, who create beautiful (sustainable) products. This way we hope to put all necessary furniture pieces inside of the yurt. We are also going to invest partly ourselves and with the help of the crowdfunding.

3. Heating and cooling (10%)

There should be a nice fireplace running on wood to keep the yurt warm on colder days. And then an air conditioning – especially on summer days – is really a necessity.

4. Kitchen and personal hygiene (5%)

Everyone can appreciate a nice place to cook a fresh meal. Simple personal hygiene facilities, like an outside shower will make a pleasant stay.

5. Fruitful garden (5%)

The MotherYurt own fruitful garden is something we are really looking for. How amazing would it be to pick something like a watermelon just at the place of your stay? But before we can enjoy the harvest, we need to spend time and money for the layout, construction, trees, seeds, etc.

Eager to learn more?

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11 Jan

Kickoff meeting Yurt

Today we officially commissioned the construction of the Yurt and also made the first deposit.

23 Jan

Getting started in the garden

Together with Joerie the gardener we started with the preparation of the garden and the preparations for the vegetable garden.

6 Feb

Crowdfunding live

Yess! Our own crowdfunding website is live. We are very enthusiastic, but also find it a bit exciting. Are you helping us?

€ 12.230,-

71% achieved

Goal: €15.000

Location yurt: Ibiza / Spain

Launch yurt: 1 April 2019

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